Condolence & Memory Journal

Charles was a great friend and he loved life and lived it to the fullest. It was a true privilege to be considered his friend. His annual visits were looked forward to with great interest and were always lively and entertaining. His continued interest in his Alma Mater was deep. To Judy and all his family, my sincere condolences.

Posted by Kelvin Ogilvie - Canning, Nova Scotia - Friend   March 03, 2016

Don and I and our family extend our sincere condolences to all members of the Charles Read family on the passing of our dear uncle Charles. We cherish the fond memories we have of him and especially our times spent with him at our cottage in NS over the past many years. He certainly inspired us all.

Posted by Don & Carol McStravick - Ottawa - Family   February 28, 2016

Warm wishes and condolences at this time of loss.
Dr. Read was the pediatric endocrinologist whom I worked with when I was the pediatric dietitian at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City from 1966-1973. He had a huge impact on the treatment of diabetic children. The Constant Carbohydrate Diet that he devised was fantastic for diabetic children. I loved working with him. We continued our friendship over the years. He called to wish me a Merry Christmas every year until 2015. We all have lost a giant in his field and in life!!
Blessings to all of you.

Posted by Cora Kurtz - Gainesville, FL - Coworker   February 27, 2016

what a great loss. We first met DR. Read in 1973. our 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.. We had a lot of great visits with DR. We told him he looked just like Lee Marvin...In 1975 our son died with a rare form of cancer and Dr. was with us all the way....He came to his wake and even 25 years later he gave us a call to see how we were doing..............What a great DR. friend and human being he was.......George & Virginia White

Posted by virginia white - manchester, IA - Friend   February 27, 2016

Feeling blessed for having met Dr Read during his summer journeys to Prince Edward Island early in my career in pediatrics.

He shared his passion for photography and love of life with his many many stories! I still have my photo "Boots" hanging with such wonderful memories!

He was truly an amazing person and feel honoured to call him "my friend". My condolences to family and all he touched.


Anne Ferraro
Newport, Rhode Island

Posted by A friend   February 27, 2016


To Professor Chunghi Choo and the Read Family, I offer my sincere condolences and prayers.

A Poem In Memory of Doctor Read

Your life is like a tall willow tree
With leaves brushing the gentle breeze
Whispering the virtue of love and care
Opening your Pandora box of medical care
To our community you want to make a difference
Setting up a free clinic as your utmost preference
Years passed
Many have come under your steadfast guidance
They will proudly carry on your torch
To offer a warm light of medical loving touch

Posted by Michael Chan - Iowa City, IA - Friend   February 26, 2016

Thinking of you and your family.
Blessings, Carla

Posted by Carla Walters McMillan - Cedar Rapids, IA   February 26, 2016

I had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Read when he came into the Sports Clinic to do his workout. I loved hearing all of his interesting stories and I was so impressed by his passion for life. Regardless of his age, he was always setting goals for himself and striving for new knowledge. He will be missed.

Posted by Arda Lucas - Coralville, IA - Friend   February 26, 2016

My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. May fond memories of your Father bring you comfort. Looking back on such a long and loving life I am certain that all who knew Charles are smiling through their tears.

Posted by Michael Finley - Iowa City, IA - Classmate   February 26, 2016

Proud of my uncle Charles. You've earned your rest. God bless youow and always.

Posted by Margaret Stewart - Truro   February 25, 2016

I worked in Dr. Read's lab on growth hormone assays along with
Herb Hetzler and Dr. Duncan McMillan. Dr. Read was a kind and
caring person who was not only my supervisor but a friend. He
touched many lives, not only his many patients but all those that
were touched by his friendship.

Posted by Sandra Little Hanson - Solon, IA - Coworker   February 25, 2016

Dr. Read was one of my best professors during my pediatric residency, 1971-74, and became my mentor in diabetes care. Dr. Read made sense of diabetes management and was far ahead of his time in emphasizing that control matters, establishing the constant carb diet, educating patients in their own management using a wholistic approach. As a pediatrician in Cedar Rapids, I continued my interest in diabetes care and established the Diabetes Camp in 1989 all with his support and encouragement. He had such vision in both endocrinology and photography, intellect, innovation and inspiration. I will miss him.

Posted by Julianne Thomas, MD - Cedar Rapids, IA - Student   February 24, 2016

Charles helped us when we were very concerned about one of our grandchildren's growth. His reassurances meant years less of worry, and the knowledge that we had consulted with the best doctor our country has to offer, on behalf of our grandson. His death is a loss to the world.

Posted by Lois Jecklin - Washington, DC - Friend   February 24, 2016

Dr. Read was an amazing person and set the gold bar for being a truly CARING doctor! In a nutshell, he saved my life because of his years of respectful caring and building a trusting relationship. I loved going to see Dr. Read b/c he spent so much time educating myself and my mother, spending an hour or more at each appointment with chalk in hand at a chalk board trying to explain the complexities of diabetes, for over 10 years. Then as a teenager and young adult, when my control was so bad that I was in an almost constant state of ketoacidosis (loosing weight, loosing hair and being dehydrated,)he took me into his office, made a phone call to a counselor in the community who was a great match for me and I was able to own the diabetes, care for it and up to date, prevent all of it's nasty complications. I would not have listened to anyone else at that age, but because he had been so respectful, never condescending, never telling me what a terrible job I was doing, I trusted his referral and it paid off dearly. The complications that had started were reversed and I have been without complications ever since. I've yet to find another doctor with such care and compassion and understanding of human beings and how to handle them. I could go on forever but let it be said he set the gold bar that I've yet to ever experience in my medical care again. Oh yes, and not to negate all his great medical knowledge and the common sense changes he fought for in helping kids manage diabetes.

Posted by A friend   February 24, 2016

i have always had a great respect and affection for Charles and his work for over fifty years I have known him. He will truly assend

Posted by Rudolph Galask MD - Iowa City, IA - Friend   February 24, 2016

I first met Charles at North Dodge Athletic Club. I thought he was adorable and was always so upbeat and happy! Charles always had something to share about himself that I didn't know. I specifically remember being on the calf machine and him coming over and saying "you have great gastrocs!" He knew I was a nurse and would get his humor:)
I was also thrilled to see Charles at the Unitarian Universalist church when I joined a few years ago...he will be missed so much!!

Posted by Shelly Kerr - Iowa City, IA   February 23, 2016

I served on the state board of the American Diabetes Association with Dr. Read back in the 70's. He was most helpful and encouraging to parents of children with Type I Diabetes. We have always been grateful for his leadership and assistance throughout the years. His contributions will never be forgotten by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of his patients and their families.

Posted by Karl and Jan Moe - Waverly, IA - Acquaintance   February 23, 2016

Sorry to hear that Charles has past. It has been awhile since we have seem him, which is good for him. He was always a straight forward person and a pleasure to work for. He has lived a long life and made many friends. He will be missed. Sorry for your loss.

Posted by Vic's Auto Body Repair - Iowa City, IA - Friend   February 23, 2016

Dr. Read diagnosed me with Hyperthyroidism at age 9, when many other doctors thought my symptoms were ADHD. I was the youngest person he had ever seen with this condistion and he made me feel safe and cared for during this time. I will always remember him fondly.

Posted by Kristin Cannon - Iowa City, IA   February 23, 2016

Charles is fondly remembered by me.

Posted by Miles Weinberger - Encinitas, CA   February 23, 2016

My late husband Bill and I were friends of Charles from the Unitarian Universalist Society, and we were also neighbors, for a number of years, of his daughter Connie Hippee and her husband and their three daughters. We enjoyed Charles so much and one of his photographs hangs above the piano in my dining room. I have enjoyed reading his books about his early naval experiences, and I will miss his enthusiasm and hid warm and affable personality.
I would so like to join in the celebration of Charles's life, but I have been about 400 miles away in southernI illinois taking care of my ill but recovering 102-year-old mother. My thoughts will be with you.

Posted by Caryl Lyons - North Liberty, IA - Friend   February 23, 2016

We were Unitarian Universalist friends of Charles. We moved to Iowa City in 1993 and met him soon after. Our son Niall was 10 and had had diabetes since he was 23 months old. It was a joy to our family to meet and know Dr. Reed who had developed the Constant Carbohydrate Diet that we had lived by since Niall's diagnosis. Niall and Charles got to know each other on a UU mushroom hunting event. We will miss him.

Posted by Theresa Ullerich - Iowa City, IA - Acquaintance   February 23, 2016

I learned today of the passing of my friend and fellow photographer, Dr. Charles Read. He created a portfolio of photographs over a period of many years, and we worked together to turn the images into prints and large canvases that hang in galleries, offices, and public buildings. I enjoyed our times together and our shared experiences. I will miss him.

Posted by Richard Sjolund - Solon, IA - Friend   February 23, 2016