Life Stories

Stories about Lauri … oh, where should I begin?
Lauri was a woman who always knew what she loved, and she never settled for less than that. If we were having sloppy joes, then by golly we had to get the tastiest Hy-Vee buns, and nothing else would do. That’s just how Lauri was. She sought out the pleasures of life. She could whip up a 4-star cheese fondue dinner right in the comfort of her own home, but she was just as content to munch Chex Mix out of a plastic bag. She was as comfortable on a farm as she was at the ritziest Hawaiian restaurant. Her ability to appreciate the best in life somehow just enhanced her humility. She was as down-to-earth and present as anyone I’ve ever known.
We’ve shared so many wonderful times with Lauri. She introduced my husband, Tom, and I to the best brewpubs and coffee houses in Seattle and showed us around her favorites sites of Oahu and Maui. We were sitting together at a luau in Oahu when the 2008 election results were announced at around 4 p.m. local time, and after a few laughs, we both put on our luau headpieces and just danced. She and Kirk came to some Bronco games with us, including what had to be the hottest Bronco/Seahawk game on record in 2010 (cold water in the concourse has never tasted better than on that day!), and most recently at the Bronco/Packer game in November (Tom & I were happy at the result of the game, but Lauri had a somewhat different reaction).
When I close my eyes and picture Lauri, I see her holding her godson, Noah – our firstborn son – and letting him ramble on about nothing and everything while she just smiled with a twinkle in her eye. I never saw her with her patients but I believe that had to be something special.
Lauri was a collector, of things and moments and most of all, people. She rarely missed a reunion – college, or family – and she was immediately welcomed at each event. One thing some people may not know is that she was a collector of hearts and love memorabilia. It is somewhat fitting that we will be honoring her so close to Valentine’s Day, with hearts and love all around. Lauri chose to surround herself with symbols of love, and to me, I’ll always remember her as love personified.
We loved her. It was impossible not to.
We didn't have as many moments with Lauri as we would have liked, but we sure made the most of the ones we had. We don't get to choose how many days we have here. We do get to choose how we spend our days. What a world it would be if we all spent our days like Lauri spent hers.


Such a wonderful tribute to Lauri.
Just found out that she had passed. My heart goes out to Kirk.